Fireside Tales

The timeless magic of Grimms’ beloved fairy tales comes to life, set to the music of Robert Schumann. Playful marionettes and cozy, Romantic-style sets will warm the hearts of children of all ages.


Technical conditions


Technical conditions


Technique: String marionettes and shadows
Duration: 50 minutes without intermission
Recommended number of spectators: Max. 300 persons
Age group: children


Complete darkness

High of the stage should be minimum 80cm (in case of a different high, please inform the company

Dimensions of the structure the company sets up on the stage:
-width: 6 meters
-depth: 4 meters
-high: 3 meters

Please inform the company how they can access the stage from the outside with the set and the equipment.

Time for setting up: 3 hours and 30 minutes.
Time for setting off: 2 hours and 30 minutes


Outlet on stage: 200 V – 5 KW – 16 Amp
Lighting equipment is provided by the company.

The company also provides its own notebook, which should be connected through a XLR cable to the sound system of the theatre. They need two jack or canon type outlets on stage for attaching to the theater sound equipment. Otherwise, the assistance of a sound technician is necessary through the entire performance.