Antique Czech Marionette Theaters

Original, exquisitely-detailed marionettes and printed, cut-out sets for table-sized home theaters, dating from the first half of the 20th century.

This exhibition show a unique phenomenon of the Czech Republic, which has been called Family Puppet Theatre. These miniature theaters were done in serial production in which they were involved famous Czech sculptors and painters of that time. The sceneries were printed lithographically and the puppets were made ​​in series by specialized workshops. These theaters were bought by families through catalogs or at the same stores and with them they played  at home, for their children or friends, performances that were pieces of free creation, or were inspired in the many texts that  were also published for this shops.

The company Karromato has to exhibit  fifteen of these theaters and more than two hundred puppets, plus numerous sceneries, props, costumes and literature on this subject (theatrical texts, catalogs, assembly instructions, photographs, etc.).